Dad's (Carlisle's) Latest Excellent Sorbet Recipe (from Sylvia)

Dad's (Carlisle's) Latest Excellent Sorbet Recipe (from Sylvia)

I use two bags of frozen raspberries, or two boxes of fresh, and run them through our electric juicer to separate the seeds from the pulp and juice. I does only a poor job.

I pour the juice into a blender with 6 tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of vanilla and a glug--about 2 to 3 tablespoons of (Nulaid) cholesterol egg product (there are several products available, even a powdered substitute for egg whites, and they all work).

Next I take the pulp from the juicer bucket and pour it through a strainer, mixing with a spoon, until there are only seeds in the residue.

I next mix it at high speed in the blender for several minutes to incorporate air into the liquid. The liquid is then poured into the ice cream maker where it gradually gets frozen into a smooth-textured sorbet.

You can decrease or increase the sugar, depending on how you feel about the sweetness of the fruit and the results you want. I think that you can add water to extend the amount and to produce more of a flavored ice (glacé?).

I think that adding some Knox gelatin or some other source of gum could make the texture and density more like Hagen Daz (sp?).

This works with berries and mangos and citrus. I think that you could also make a sorbet from pumpkin pie filling.

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