Adirondack Bear Balls

I have renamed my Christmas rum balls, Adirondack Bear Balls. They are getting very popular with the characters up around the High Peaks.

Adirondack Bear Balls

I add confectioner's sugar and dry cocoa to the vanilla wafer crumbs so that I can double the quantity of rum. Confectioner's sugar has cornstarch in it. Helps recipes that are seriously overloaded with liquor. I use pecans instead of walnuts. I dash a lot of Triple Sec into the rum. Melted bittersweet chocolate mixed with the rum, a little vanilla, the Triple Sec and cornsyrup is the base. Toss in the crumbs and finely chopped pecans. Let sit an hour. (Don't sit too close to the fumes. Open a window, or better yet a door.) Make small balls and roll them in confectioner's sugar and more cocoa.

These are guaranteed to ward off frostbite, or at least all sensation of frostbite.



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