Black-eyed Peas (2 recipes)

Black-eyed Peas (2 recipes)

I made mine on New Year's Eve:

Bring as many bean s as you want to a boil, while cutting up one or more onions. Sauté the onion in olive oil (in the microwave) while you cut up Polish sausage and one Chourico (Portuguese for chorizo) sausage, and add them to the microwaving onions, preferably in your removable crockpot pot.

Drain the beans (which have boiled) and bring them back to the boil. Dump the whole thing into the pot and microwave it while you drive someone to a party. When you get back, put the pot back on the crockpot base and leave it on high while you have a nap.

Cut up the greens and put them into a Ziplock with a big lump of butter.

Unplug the crockpot and take it and the greens to the party you are going to. Plug the crockpot back in; your beans should be pretty much done. Not too long before midnight, put the greens in Pyrex with a splash of water and a lid, and zap them till tender.

We had none left by 1 am.



Wow, Laura, you go to a lot of trouble :-) We just put the peas in a soup pot, dump the slivered onions in with them, put some chopped up bacon slices in with them, bring them to a boil and let them simmer about an hour or so. Even without the fancier meat, they're still pretty darned good.

Now, I may have to try your greens recipe for some types of greens. But I learned about 10 years ago that I like turnip greens *only* if they were simmered for hours. Either that or my tastes changed overnight cuz I couldn't stand the nasty little buggers before. My cousin puts about a 1/4 tsp baking soda in with them, but I think that takes the zap out of them that I like. She likes 'em better without the zap.

Jola Gayle


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