Dealing with Nausea

Dealing with Nausea

Peppermint, ginger, pressure points on the wrists that are the same for those seasick bands. Will look them up tomorrow.

I sometimes make a weak broth of ginger, water, a dash of tamari, and a tablespoon of miso paste and sip it. No chicken broth yet. Something in the miso, don't know if it is the live enzymes, but that does calm me down and allow things to settle.

Stewarts ginger beer cut 50% with soda water sometimes helps as well, better than ginger ale.

Keep away from anything too acidic. Cook up some japanese-style rice with extra water and a pinch of salt until it is the consistency of a gruel, and try a few bites of that. Plain, white rice seems to be one of the things that take the edge off for me.



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