Erin's Method of Making Hot Tea

Erin's Method of Making Hot Tea

Actually it depends on the tea. Black teas should only be brewed once but oolongs, greens and whites can be rebrewed. White teas can often be rebrewed up to 20 times while oolongs typically only 3-5 times depending on the degree of oxidation (how close to black it is).

When rebrewing, you want to keep the water temperature the same as the first time (not boiling for any but black), but you increase the brewing time by approximately 50% each time. Teas that can be rebrewed will change with each cup you make and I often prefer the second or third cup of a tea over the first.

If a tea is bagged, then it is likely to be dust which will reduce the ability to rebrew the leaves. Also the preparation of the whole leaf tea affects how many times it can be brewed. Typically rolled and balled leaves are good until they completely relax. Many good tea sites will tell you how many times you can rebrew a tea.

My favorite is but I used to live down the street from them when we were in Chicago. I walked in one day after reading that they carried rooibos (dh is S. African) and tea has never been the same for me.

-erin in SB


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