Erin's Easy Appetizers

Erin's Easy Appetizers

The easiest thing I can think of is a fantastic spread that is made of one jar of dutch feta (sold in jars filled with olive oil and herbs) and one jar of roasted red peppers. I literally just throw both into the food processor and it comes out beautifully. If you're feeling like that isn't enough, you could throw them on some pastry shells with black olives.

Alternatively a baked brie is also impressive but low effort. You buy a round, slice it in half and fill the middle with raspberry, apricot or cranberry preserves and then bake. To take up another level, you can wrap it in phyllo and then bake (I like to arrange the dough like a bag with the top just tied up with kitchen twine which can be replaced with chives or green onions after baking). Just bring crusty bread to go along with it if you don't bake it in dough.

erin in UT


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