High-altitude Adjustment for Bread Machine Bread

High-altitude Adjustment for Bread Machine Bread

I had the same problem when we first moved to 7,000 ft. Lots of collapsed loaves. I tried more water, less water, more flour, less flour, less sugar, and couldn't get consistent results.

Then someone gave me a simple suggestions that has worked every time.

For every cup of flour in the recipe, add 1 Tablespoon of gluten. If the recipe already calls for gluten, use the amount called for plus 1 Tbsp for each cup of flour. The extra protein gives the dough more strength to support the increased rise. I also use the whole wheat setting on the bread maker regardless of what type of bread I'm making. The longer knead also strengthens the dough.

This has worked for me with 2 bread machines, whole wheat bread, bread made with partly rye or oat flour, white bread, and peanut butter bread, and I haven't had a collapsed loaf since I started doing it. I am using a bread machine, not a mixer. But it might be worth a try.



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