Canning Meat in Sauce

Canning Meat in Sauce

I really didn't have a recipe. Just used about 6 lbs of burger meat, green pepper and onion as much as seems right for your tastes (I only had 1 big onion and used 1 big green pepper), 2 cans tomato paste and some spices. I put a tbsp of garlic powder and onion powder in it, and about 2 tbsp of oregano. I mixed each can of tomato paste with 4 cups of water. I also boiled the burger meat instead of browning it, degreased the broth, and added that broth back in. It was very watery at the beginning. Then I simmered it for hours until it reduced to the way we like it on the sandwiches, rather thick.

I processed it 75 minutes. The canning book says 75 minutes for pints, and I used half-pints so could have probably done it less. However, since it was meat, I just went ahead with the 75 minutes rather than risking a quicker time that would have been a guess. The half-pints give my husband and I each a 4-ounce serving with no left overs. Just the way we like it.

J. Gayle


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