Mashed Potato Bread

Mashed Potato Bread

The mashed potato bread I made last night was sublime. I had some leftover mashed red potatoes, and I put them in a saucepan and covered them with milk and simmered for a bit. Let it cool, added yeast and salt and butter and an egg, proofed, then did the flour thing. Lovely bread...

("philip is asking "how much mashed potatoes?")

My typical recipe for two loaves of bread, and when I used to fuss with such things the loaves weighed 1.25 pounds each when placed in the pans to rise:

2 cups liquid (in this case, scalded milk)
2 tsp. yeast (in this case, scant 2 tsp yeast plus a glob of starter)
1 tbsp. sugar (or honey)
1 egg
2 tbsp. olive oil (3 tbsp butter this time)
scant 2 tsp. salt
flour (in this case, sub about 1 - 2 cups mashed potatoes for part of the flour)

My mashed potatoes were just that, plain boiled red potatoes (with skins), mashed. Simmering them first in the milk hydrated them thoroughly and made a truly luxurious bread.

Sylvia beadlizard


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