White Sauce for Pasta

White Sauce for Pasta
(good for Alfredo Sauce, too)

(Question: Tell me how to do a nice white sauce on pasta. I have butter and cream but can't get it to come out like the restaurants. Do I make an actual roux?) Well, I'm not the curly one, nor am I tall enough to play her on (or off) TV, but I do know white sauce.

Are you going for alfredo? The classic recipe is equal parts pasta, butter, cream, and Parmesan cheese (not the powdery stuff in the green can, unless you're cooking for people you hate). Toss it all into hot (drained) pasta, pass more cheese at the table. You will not be able to move for hours afterward, but it is worth it. You can make an acceptable substitute by scaling down the sauce/pasta ratio, but everyone should try the original at least once.

For more conservative eaters, go right ahead and make a roux (2 tbsp. butter to 2 tbsp. flour), add 1 cup milk, half and half, or cream, whisk merrily till smooth and thick enough, season to taste (gran only used white pepper), add cheese if you like, pour over pasta and toss at the table. Up proportions as needed for your quantity of pasta. More flour makes it thicker.

(rereading this, the editors will have a field day. So be it.)

Debbie Ladyfingers


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