Butternut Squash (from Diane)

Butternut Squash (from Diane)

Well, the easy way to do squash is just use something like a cake pan or cookie sheet, pie dish or whatever, covered in foil (or not).

Put dish in oven. Wash off squash and plop whole on dish. Set oven to 350°F.

Come back later when the smoke detector goes off.

Well, a medium one will take about an hour, a bigger one a little longer. It starts looking soft, might split a little, juice will run out.

They cook nicely in the microwave too, give it 10 min. at a time----will take about 20, maybe a little longer.

Just put it on a plate, cut it with a knife, spoon out the seeds and eat it. A butternut, the long ones, you can just cut off slices. Diners can cut the skin off themselves.

Round ones, like a buttercup, cut in sections like a melon and take out the seeds, serve it that way. They can scoop it out themselves.

Maple syrup and nutmeg are good with winter squash too.

DO NOT try to cut a big ol' blue Hubbard. Just bake it first, then cut it up when it's soft. People have hit those things with a hatchet----which bounced back into their face and killed them.

Squash is so easy---all that peeling is murder on your hands, and not needed. Just cook it first and it falls right apart for you.

Diane the lazy gardener


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