Dutch Oven recipes (cobbler, breakfast)

Dutch Oven recipes (cobbler, breakfast)

I use dutch ovens for camping, and cook just about everything we eat in them. Most really don't have any sort of recipe; but if you want some good ones, look to local Boy Scout websites, and I bet you'll find a slew of them.

One of my old stand-by fav's for dutch ovens is cobbler. Any kind of cobbler. Just take 1 can (sometimes 2, if you really want to experiment) of pie filling, dump in dutch oven, dump cake mix on top, and slice up butter on top of that. (I usually use a stick or two.) Don't mix it; just stick in oven (or on open fire with coals on the lid) and check on occasion. One of my favorite combos is cherry pie filling with chocolate cake.

We also do sausage patties or bacon on the bottom of the dutch oven, whole eggs cracked on top of that, then shredded cheese, then biscuit dough. Or fry the biscuit dough in bacon grease.

I'm gonna want to go camping if I keep this up...



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