John's Hand and Face Cream

John's Hand and Face Cream
(with a list member's review and comments after the recipe.)

Take a quantity of pure beeswax, weigh it and weigh out about 3 times as much weight of olive oil. Gently melt the wax and oil together, and add herb(s) of choice. Try calendula, chamomile or lavender flowers.

Simmer very gently for about half an hour. Strain mixture, stir in essential oil(s) of choice.

Leave to set, whisking from time to time until a creamy consistency is reached.

Transfer to a suitable container. This cream is soothing to the skin and excellent for chapped hands. It is also good when used as a lip balm.


Katherine replied 11/25/02:
I made up a small batch, about 5 oz total, using light olive oil and adding about 1/2 dram lavender essential oil after I turned off the heat. Sat there whisking it while it cooled and it's wonderful!

I have very rough chapped hands with thickened callouses on my fingers. In the winter I get terrible
cracks on my finger tips. This stuff makes my hands totally smooth, it doesn't itch at all. Also put it
on my feet which are always very dry--they feel really good.

I highly recommend it. DS2 wants to make up a batch with peppermint or cinnamon in it to give to friends (of the female persuasion).

I'm planning to try a small batch with a higher proportion of beeswax to put in tiny pots as lip balm.

I may make a really big batch to give for presents. It smells truly wonderful without any additional herbs or essential oils added--the beeswax gives it a beautiful honey smell. This lingers long after the
lavender fades.

I'm also thinking that for really dry skin adding some sweet almond oil and some castor oil in place of some of the olive would be good. I love how almond oil smells and it should go very well with the honey scent of the beeswax.

Now I need to find some nice containers for it.


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