How to Make an Infusion (for soaps and other toiletries)

How to Make an Infusion (for soaps and other toiletries)

This is how I make an infusion:

First, sterilize your pan - don't want evil things in your infusion.

Depending on the product I'm making - let's say the Mint Foot Creme I made last night, ok?

I took cocoa butter and gently heated it until it was melted.  Then I took the dried mint leaves I had and gently stirred them into the melted cocoa butter.

Left it on low heat and stirred for at least an hour.
(Editor's note: a crockpot on low works for me. You do not have to watch it so closely.)

Then I took cheesecloth and strained the concoction thru the cheesecloth several times to get rid of the crushed mint leaves. It takes a couple times to get a good clean product.

Then I added the infused mint cocoa butter to my lotion recipe.

You can do this with water, also, or any other oil, such as olive.  I make a lavender/olive oil infusion, rose, calendula, etc.

Questions from listmembers:
Di, thanks for the recipe.  Can a person use fresh herbs, or must they be dried?

You are welcome. I've been told by more experienced soapers that they must be dried.  I was surprised by that. But, I have been following their advice, so far and it has worked well for me.



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