jp's Creamed Onions

jp's Creamed Onions

My basic but quite decent recipe is:

Boil some small boiler onions (peeled but whole) or pearl onions until mostly cooked. Make a white sauce (bechamel). Put the cooked onions in the white sauce and heat gently. Season with salt and pepper. It's simple and plain, but well-appreciated at the elaborate holiday meals. One can easily come up with interesting variations, but sometimes you need a simple dish to complement a fancier menu.

I can give you more exact times and quantities if desired.

Ideas for variations -- add garlic (everything is better with garlic, right? roasted garlic puree might be quite yummy). Make the sauce with white wine instead of or in addition to milk. Top the dish with toasted/seasoned bread crumbs. Add various herbs or spices. Dye the white sauce some unnatural color, like blue (well, maybe not).

jp, forbidden to dye foods unnatural colors when company is expected


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