Michelle's Almond Roca Candy

Michelle's Almond Roca Candy

2 cups sugar
1 pound butter (don't use cheap butter)
1 large Hershey bar (Hershey's is BEST)
8 oz. unsalted whole almonds *
8 oz. unsalted sliced almonds *

3-4 lecithin capsules (vitamin section of store)
butter-flavored Pam cooking spray

9" x 13" glass pan OR disposable foil pan
candy thermometer

* You can use a disposable foil pan, but you will need to increase your chocolate and nut amounts to about double. I use the cookie sheet size and make the candy thinner so it is easier to break apart.

Grate candy bar and chop almonds powder fine. Use a food processor if you have one. Mix together.

Spray 9" x 13" pan with Pam and spread 1/2 of the chocolate and nuts evenly in pan.

In a medium saucepan, combine the sugar and butter over medium heat. A candy thermometer is a must! Constantly stir in the middle of the mixture not touching the bottom or sides of the pan. When the temperature reaches EXACTLY 280°, add the liquid from the lecithin capsules. Have the capsules pre-squeezed and ready in a spoon. (I use a garlic press with 4 capsules and just squirt it into the pan).

Cook until the temperature reaches EXACTLY 300°. Remove from heat and stir in 1 cup of sliced almonds.

Immediately pour mixture over the chocolate and nuts. Spread evenly. Top with another layer of chocolate and nuts.

Let sit overnight. Then turn out and break into candy sized pieces. (You can also powder up some more almonds and dust the candy again for a thicker coat of nuts).

The leftover pan scrapings can be reused in the next batch, (you may need to add more powdered almonds depending on how wet it is), or save it for ice cream toppings!

Store in a Tupperware bowl or zip bags.

My Personal Helpful Tips:
NEVER try to double up the recipe. I have made this recipe for over 10 years now for my friends and family. My list has grown to over 60 people and I have tried doubling the recipe twice and each time it flopped! I even thought I could get away with not using the thermometer by eyeballing.... and well... it flopped again. So just use the darn thermometer! LOL! Every once in a while, a batch will flop for some unknown reason. Hubbies LOVE when that happens! LOL! Because I make SO much of this, I usually grate up all my chocolate and nuts together in a big bowl and scoop out enough to cover the bottom of the pan and top layer etc., but you can't double the batch.... er... well.... I CAN'T!

My LAST hint... try it with WHITE chocolate. WOW! Hubby was begging me for years to try it and last year I finally did. It was TERRIFIC! But you have to add more grated nuts because white chocolate is wetter.

This recipe is NOT hard. I am NOT a chef... just ask my sister about my baseball cookies! LOL!

(Debbi says: Yep. She can't bake cakes either.)

Good luck and ENJOY!
(Debbi's sister)


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