Shredded Pork

Susan's Shredded Pork
(serves 4)

OK... My contribution to the crock pot recipes...

1 lb boneless country-style pork ribs with some fat, but not a lot
1/2 diced sweet onion (Videlia preferred)
2-3 cloves of garlic, diced or crushed
28 oz can tomato sauce

(for the "cooking challenged", a can of sloppy joe sauce like Manwich with a can of water can be substituted for onion, garlic and tomato sauce)

Salt and pepper the outside of the pork. Put everything in the crock pot. Simmer on low all day (8-10 hours). Shred pork when you get home. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve on warm rolls or over pasta.

Susan S.


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