Triple Strawberry Cream Pie

Triple Strawberry Cream Pie

from "Ken Haedrich's Country Baking"

1 chocolate graham cracker crust, pre-baked, cooled and chilled

1 quart fresh strawberries, washed, dried and hulled
1 tbsp. plus 1/4 cup sugar
finely grated zest of 1 lemon
1 tbsp. cornstarch
1-1/2 cup heavy or whipping cream
1/4 cup confectioners' sugar (or to taste)

Take half the berries, halve them, and put in a bowl with 1 tbsp. sugar and the lemon zest. Let stand 10 minutes. Then crush the berries with a fork until you have a chunky puree.

Put the puree in a small (non-aluminum) saucepan. Mix remaining sugar with the cornstarch and stir it into the puree. Bring mixture to a boil over medium heat, stirring often. Boil gently about 1 minute, until mixture thickens and turns from opaque to translucent. Scrape into a bowl and cool completely. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until cold.

About half an hour before pie time, chill beaters and a bowl for whipping cream. Whip cream in chilled bowl until it begins to thicken. Add confectioners' sugar and continue to beat until fairly stiff but not grainy. Fold in 1/3 cup of the chilled berry puree. Cover and refrigerate if you need to wait.

To assemble, spread remaining strawberry puree in the chilled crust. Halve the rest of the berries and arrange flat side down on the puree. If you run out of room, chop the extra berries and spread over the halves. Mound the strawberry whipped cream over the berries. Cut and serve.

Not sure how to save any leftovers, as we've never had any. I usually have to make 2 pies for the six of us, so be warned.

who has cheated in the winter and used frozen berries for the puree part without complaint


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