Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Yippee! I'm going to the party (even if I can't spell it!). I will wear flame retardant wool and eat my favorite bread pudding with whiskey sauce (recipe to follow) of which there will likely be more sauce than pudding

Bread Pudding

1/2 cup Butter
2 cup Milk
2 Eggs
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Raisins
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Nutmeg
1 tsp Vanilla
1/2 tsp Salt

Stale bread - cubed or whatever

Fill a 3 or 4 quart casserole dish with bread cubes.

Combine first 9 ingredients and pour over bread.

Bake in 350°F oven for 30 to 45 minutes until set. Serve warm with Whiskey Sauce.

Whiskey Sauce

1/2 cup Butter
2 cups Sugar
2 Eggs, beaten
1/4 to 1/3 cup Whiskey, Bourbon, or Rum (whatever your pleasure!)
1 cup Milk

Melt butter and sugar in saucepan. Remove from heat and stir into eggs. Add bourbon and milk and stir well. (Will thicken a bit when cooled).

Roberta (off to have a wee spot of port and watch the snow swirl around in the wind! Will gladly direct some of that snow your way Claudia!!)


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