Green Tomato Preserves (from jp)

Green Tomato Preserves (from jp)

Here is a green tomato preserve recipe from an old edition of the Settlement Cookbook.  On the same page are recipes for things like Russian-style radish preserves and Rhubarb/Fig preserves, so edibility by modern palates is not guaranteed.

1 quart sliced green tomatoes
1 quart sugar
1 lemon, grated rind and pulp
1 stick cinnamon

Place tomatoes in skillet.  Add sugar, lemon rind and pulp, and cinnamon.  Let stand several hours to draw juice.  Cook until tomatoes are thick and clear.  Pour into hot, sterilized glasses [canning jars] and seal.

This cookbook has several more recipes that include green tomatoes -- things like chowchow, spanish pickle (piccalilli), green tomato relish (mock mince meat), and a green tomato pickle.  They seem similar to recipes I've already given.

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