My Quick and Easy Latkes (from Mary)

 My Quick and Easy Latkes (from Mary)

All this straining of potatoes is new to me, but I've tried it anyway. Don't see a hell of a lot of difference.

One large onion, diced.

Beat two very large eggs (ours are very large because our happy chickens make them that way LOL), or three smaller ones, and mix with the onions. Add salt if you like salted pancakes, or sprinkle it on later. Add flour to the eggs, maybe a third of a cup.

I prefer diced rather than grated onion because I think the onion flavor comes out more, and I like those little bits of darkly fried onion.

Mix egg/flour with onion.

3 very large potatoes, or more smaller ones, peel or not peel. I use whatever potato I have on hand, cuz when I want potato pancakes, I want them NOW, and I'm not running out to the store.

Cut potatoes into cubes. "Grate" in food processor til of grated consistence. I've made them by grating by hand, and have had many skinned knuckles, so I'm experienced, so I think the food processor does just fine.)

Strain or not strain. I've tried it both ways. Maybe it doesn't matter because I use a lot of eggs.

Mix egg/flour/onion with potatoes. Add more flour if they seem too runny.

Fry in canola oil in your grandmother's cast iron fry pan.

Actually, I use that fry pan, plus a griddle and another fry pan, having three electric stove burners going at once. Don't think I'm ready to cook on all fours.

Accompaniments. Apple sauce. Cottage cheese. Blackberry preserves. Piccalilli. Yogurt. The piccalilli (sp) is Bob's addition, him being of New England extraction (IOW, half WASP and half northern Italian).

Mary P.


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