Pear Sauce (and what to do with a lot of pears)

Pear Sauce (and what to do with a lot of pears)

After poaching some in pear brandy with a bit of butter and eating them fresh cooked, I then usually make pear sauce, which I freeze. J likes it warmed up with a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg on top, or I use a cup of it in the waffle mix, or it makes a good substitute for applesauce in any bread, cake or muffin recipe.

I've also made pear tart in the past.

Peel (optional), core (not optional, IMO) and chop (works better) any number of pears.  Cook over a low heat with a little bit of water until it is the consistency you want for pear sauce.  Strain (if not peeled).

Freeze in 1 cup (or more) containers. 

Add to wheat bread.  Or add to waffles.  Or add to muffins.  Or feed to your family warm.  Or cold.
Stir into oatmeal.  Or cooked rice.  Or oatmeal cookies.  Use anywhere applesauce is called for.

Slightly brown pork chops (drain grease), add 1 cup pear sauce, bake. Can you tell we like pear sauce?

Make dried pears.  Peel (optional), core (not optional) and slide about 1/4" thick.  Dehydrate using your favorite method.  Freeze or eat as is.



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