Marge's Tuna Casserole

Marge's Tuna Casserole

Mix up the soup ( I actually use celery soup) in a pot and add about 3/4 milk or half and half if you have it.

Throw in a handful of herbs de provence, dried or another fresh herb if you have it.

Fresh parsley, a handful chopped.
minced onion about 1/4 cup, or dried is good too. I use dried in tuna salad.
Swiss cheese, I use about 3 of the big slices from the deli
kosher salt, pinch
fresh mushrooms chopped
frozen peas, a good handful

Heat till the cheese melts- should be a bit thick but not glue-like.

Add this to the under-cooked noodles and tuna in a casserole dish, mix in the liquid part and add a little milk till its a little wet. Cover with smashed potato chip crumbs and heat through for about 30 minutes. You can adjust amount to suit bigger batches. The herbs and the cheese make it really nice.



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