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I just discovered that Philadelphia makes a ready made cheescake filling. Why bother about the crust? Just eat the filling.

I have to agree. I don't really like pie crusts, just the fillings. The other family members do like pie crusts, so I indulge them. If it were just me, I'd make crustless pies. What would those be called? Puddings? Custards? Compotes?

While we're at it, cookie dough from the store is much better raw than cooked. And since the stuff is made from pasteurized eggs, the dough is safe to eat when raw. So there.

Where'd you find this for the other recipes, please, ma'am?

As Erin wrote, it's from David Lebovitz' blog.
The recipe link is

Cheesecake brownies:

Dulce de Leche brownies:

I have Ripe for Dessert and it's good.

Erin, would you mind doing a mini-review? The recipes on the blog look both good and do-able without too much fuss. Except for his chocolate book, I haven't been able to find his books locally to look at. I've requested them from the local library, but it will take a while before I get them. The previous book, Room for Dessert, has, umm, disappeared from several of the local libraries. I have an inter-library loan request out, but who knows how far the book thieves have roamed?

My current favorite dessert cookbook is the Moosewood Dessert cookbook, followed by the Fannie Farmer baking book. We're always up for adding more good cookbooks to our collection.


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