Ann's Fondue

Check and search for fondue. There's a couple of classic recipes there, as well as some more innovative ones.

I've had trouble with fondue separating, so devised this recipe. While it's unorthodox in preparation, you still have the same flavors.

Ann's Fondue

2 tbsp butter or oil
2 tbsp flour
1 lg. clove minced garlic
1-3/4 cups dry white wine
1/4 cup kirsch
1 lb. gruyere
dash nutmeg

Melt butter over low heat and pacify garlic, but don't let it brown. Add in the flour and whisk for a minute to make a roux. Whisk in wine, and cook until thickened. Gradually add coarsely grated cheese, whisking til melted and thickened. Stir in kirsch. Transfer to fondue pot and sprinkle with nutmeg.

For a Texas version, you could substitute Shiner bock for the wine and  kirsch, cheddar and jack for the gruyere, and toss in a can of chopped green chilies.

Garnish with cayenne.

The quality of cheese is what makes or breaks this. Go to Central Market and get the best stuff you can afford. And some of their wonderful crusty breads. Cut the bread in large dice, and maybe even toast it a tad to crisp it up so it doesn't get too soggy when dipped. I like boiled tiny red potatoes for dipping, too.

Have another fondue pot of hot oil for the meat. Get the best steak possible, with little connective tissue and no gristly bits. If I'm gonna eat steak, I don't want a bunch of sauces, but if y'all like em, have a couple of interesting ones. Maybe bearnaise, and a mushroom/red wine/shallot reduction sauce? I know Mark's family aren't the most adventurous when it comes to food, so plan sauces accordingly.

Serve a big salad.

Y'all have fun!
Ann in TX


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