Fondue Recipe from Oogie

Our lovely neighbors just had us over for cheese fondue dinner. The recipe is easy.

Fondue Recipe from Oogie
Buy 1 or more boxes (1 box per 2 people) of the Gerber instant cheese fondue stuff that comes in a red box. It's packed in a foil pouch like Tasty Bites curry.

To your fondue pot on top of the stove, add garlic salt or fresh garlic, the fondue stuff from the pouch, kirsch (cherry) liquor (a good glug) and some nutmeg.

Heat until melted, then put the thing over the candle to keep warm at the table.

The bread was a nice crusty french style loaf, sliced thick and people tore off bits of bread, speared with the fondue fork, twirled in the cheese and then ate. She served it with her Riesling wine, some Swiss pickles, a few thin slices of salami and a nice green salad. It was wonderful.



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