Fondue (from the Swiss Alps)

(from the Swiss Alps)

My PCB made cheese fondue for me on our second date. He still makes it several times a year--even more now that I've mastered French bread.

Here is is basic recipe that he learned from the chef at a chalet in the Swiss Alps. He wings it, but these are the basic instructions....

1-2/3 cup white wine (we like Fetzer Sundail Chardonnay)*
2/3 lb. Gruyere cheese**
1/3 lb. Emmenthaler

Dice or chop cheese (with the blade) in food processor. Toss with about 2 tbsp. flour. You can shred the cheese, but it results in stringy fondue (not recommended).

Heat wine (on stove) until small bubbles form in the bottom of the pot--it should not boil.

Add cheese a handful at a time, allowing each addition to melt. Do not allow fondue to a full boil. Occasional bubbles are ok.

Season with garlic powder and nutmeg to taste. Add 3 tbsp. of kirsch at the end if desired.

Serve with crusty bread, a green salad, and pea soup.


*After extensive testing with many wines, DH concluded that the Sundail Chardonay is best for fondue. The pH of the wine is critical for keeping fondue from separating.

**Use a total of 1 lb. cheese. We like this ratio of Gruyere to Emmenthaler. More Gruyere gives the fondue more bite.

from Rosemary's PCB


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