Ideas for Using Up Hamburger

Ideas for Using Up Hamburger
(A thread started 4/7/03)

There are many recipes throughout the Sheep Thrills Recipes Blog for the meals suggested.

The soup in most casserole or meat loaf recipes adds flavor, but also serves as a binder. You can use another flavor of condensed soup, I like celery or creamy onion. You can also make a white sauce with:

1-1/2 tbsp butter
1-1/2 tbsp flour
1 cup milk

Add beef soup base, onion soup powder, smashed roasted garlic, whatever, to taste.

Texas Cuisine:
Sat Nite Special from my starving student days. It's not beautiful, but tasty:

1 lb ground beef
1 small onion, chopped
1 lb. velveeta cheese
1 can diced tomatoes with chilies*

*If this is too spicy, use a can of diced tomatoes and a can of diced green chilies.

Cook the beef and onion in a saucepan til brown. Drain grease. Add undrained tomatoes, chilies, and cubed cheese. Cook, stirring often, til cheese melts.

Put it in a big bowl scoop it up with tortilla chips. Open a cold beer!

Ground Beef Nachos:

Line a cookie sheet with foil. Top tortilla chips with a bit of refried beans (opt), some cooked ground beef made up with taco seasoning, grated cheese, pickled jalapeno slices or chopped green chilies on top (opt).

Cook in a hot oven til cheese melts. Sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo on the
side. I make up the seasoned beef and put it in the freezer so all I have to do is defrost.

Go to recipe source:
A search on "ground beef" and "hamburger" turned up lots of recipes.

Bon Appetit!
Ann in TX

Meatloaf, chili, and what I refer to as 'homemade hamburger helper' (casserole?).

Sue, TST

Here's another thing... when I make meatloaf I add lipton msg-free onion soup mix, spicy honey bbq sauce instead of ketchup, and regular oatmeal (not instant) instead of crackers. Just a little variety. I'm not a chef either. :-P


How about Bolognese Sauce?

Marcella Hazan has a good recipe -- essentially, its meat, some carrot, (minced) onion, garlic, a bit of red wine, tomatoes (run through a food mill) and basil, cooked long and slow uncovered until thickened a bit, and finished with a bit of cream at the end. Very good over thick tagliatelle pasta.



garlic and ginger
curry spices
frozen peas

Fry it up like taco meat or add liquid to make it sloppy-joeish serve with hapattis or naan and maybe raitha (plain yoghourt with diced cucumber and a little fresh ground black pepper). If you can't get or make Indian bread, flour tortillas make good pretend chapattis.


Enchilada casserole or tamale pie?

Meat pies? Either the casserole type with a biscuit crust or a pastry crust, or in a pie shell with a pastry crust, or a stand alone pie you can pick up in your hand?


Get the "Fix It and Forget It" cookbook; there are dozens of recipes using ground beef and you don't have to cook them in the crockpot (although I usually do). We have *two* cows in the freezer, so I have a lot of uses for ground beef, too.


Casseroles are great, they're very forgiving. If mushroom soup doesn't work for you just substitute some other cream soup instead. Or you can make a white sauce instead with whatever flavorings you want. I had to make my own white sauce for all casseroles when my kids were little because of DS1's milk allergy. I just substituted soy milk for cows milk. Or I used broth instead of milk for the liquid, or both. I found that making up a quick white sauce wasn't much harder or more time-consuming than opening a can . Just use a whisk, don't stop stirring and keep the heat low. It'll "gel" quite quickly.

You can always make changes to casseroles and as long as the ingredients are too outlandish they come out just fine--really.


My mother makes Miss Hulling's recipe for meatloaf with bread soaked in milk, lots of onion and worchestershire sauce in addition to the salt, egg, etc.  It's really good.  I make one every month or so and can eat slices at work, etc for over a week.



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