Ideas of What to do with Meat on Hand

Ideas of What to do with Meat on Hand

You can do a lot of things to make meats more interesting. My favorite is to cook the meat, add onions and garlic, then herbs or spices geared to a certain flavor. If they are on sale, mushrooms and other veggies are added. I then add broth or wine, cover and simmer for at least 45 minutes to make it tender and to give it a lot of flavor.

It then becomes a topping for something, like potatoes, or I make another veggie, or something.

There is nothing like SOS over potatoes on a cold night. (grin)

My favorite No-Recipe Dinner is meat seared with a large onion, then 16 oz of broth over it. Simmer for an hour, covered.

Add one head of shredded cabbage and half of a pound of peeled and "chunked" carrots. Cover and steam until the cabbage is done and the carrots tender.

Oh yes, I add black pepper. I do a little and add more to my plate. The Husband can not handle too much black pepper. (ornery grin)



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