Bread Making Hints and Tips

Substituting Other Flours in Bread Recipes
In a basic bread recipe that uses about 6 cups of flour:

Not having a problem with gluten, I add it to flours if needed. My bread recipe (one of the King Arthur recipes I use and modified) consists of 1/2 cup each of kamut and spelt flours, 1 cup whole wheat and the rest is unbleached white wheat.

I add 2 tbsp of gluten to make up for the missing gluten in the 2 cups of "other" flours. The flavor of the bread is very good.


Altering Yeast Amounts in Bread Recipes

There goes another of my illusions. I thought I was the only one who had figured out that any amount of yeast can be used for bread.

I made and sold bread for many years and have tried every possible amount of yeast and ingredients, (even broccoli).

Another thing I can say with equal assurance, you can add ingredients to the dough at any stage with great results. The other day I had completed mixing (by hand) a batch of raisin/cinnamon/egg dough when I saw that I forgotten to add the chopped raisins which were in a bowl being soaked with orange juice, so I poked holes in the dough poured it on sprinkled on some flour and kneaded it (what a messy job that was). The results were wonderful. Making bread is almost as satisfying as milking goats.



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