Dehydrating Eggs

Dehydrating Eggs

I can answer this one. I'm working on it now. I was going to post it on the blog with pics but was waiting to give them a try in a cake recipe or something similar.

You scramble eggs, cook them, put them in the dehydrator until crispy and grind the dried eggs to powder. Then you reconstitute 1 tbsp egg powder with 2 tbsp water.

I tried rescrambling and decided if I were starving they'd be better than nothing - too grainy to be delicious, but the taste was fine. Shrug, or maybe my blender just didn't grind smoothly enough, and a coffee grinder would work better. Haven't tried them for a cake or something yet. Supposedly they work, but I'm skeptical.

I saw a website last week that had something about dehydrating them like a fruit leather. I may look into that further. IDK about it, something about the rawness bothers me.

J. Gayle


I found another method online in 2015. I have not tried the method.

You put 7 eggs in a blender and whip until very frothy. Set up your dehydrator in the spot it will stay the whole time it is working. 7 eggs fills one round sheet for that type of dehydrator.

Pour the eggs from the blender onto the sheet and start the dehydrator at... 135°F? When dried to a sheet, peel and scrape into a blender and powderize the egg. The powder is still not really dry, so the writer then redried the powder.

Then put back on (clean, of course), dehydrator leather and run through the powder again to fully dry it. Keep in a sealed jar.

Same proportions as J. Gayle said, I think. The woman said using a little bacon grease or butter when scrambling the reconstituted egg powder made them more edible.

I have no clue if this is safe or not. Proceed at one's own risk.



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