Homemade Sausage

Homemade Sausage

I wouldn't try to make dry-cured sausage without an experienced tutor at hand, but home cured cooked sausage is easy. There was a mini fad in the Cincinnati area about 35 years ago.

We used ground beef, well seasoned, with Morton Tender Quick for the curing agent. The meat was rolled in plastic wrap, then foil, and refrigerated for several days. Then it was poached, still in the wrap.

Jaques Pepin does a sausage made out of pork with pistachio nuts on his latest PBS series, Essential Pepin, using the same method. I'd forgotten all about our sausage attempts until I saw that show recently, and now this discussion pop ups on SheepThrills.

Tender Quick used to be right next to the canning and kosher salts at the grocery. It may still be. I think I saw it recently, but I wasn't looking for it at the time.


That's the kind of sausage I was writing about with a few differences. I mixed the mess up and stuck it in the frig for 3 days mixing it every day. Then it was formed into rolls etc and put into a very slow oven for I think it was 8 hours. The house smelled like the Yea Old Sausage makers. I still have some Tender Quick up on the mountain.


I have made this many times with venison, living in Michigan farm country with a hubby, 2 sons and a son-in-law who all hunt. very easy to do, also made jerky and used a food dehydrator, you can change the seasoning, adding more heat, or a bit of maple syrup, peppers, etc. Good made with beef also.


If you ever get tired of making sausages, try making terrines, especially French country terrines with rabbit, etc. Wonderful!!!



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