Kate's Stock and Meal Idea

Kate's Stock and Meal Idea

If you are going to make a gravy or a sauce you really should leave the bones in the meat. It adds the gelatin that helps thicken it and give it a lot of mouth feel with less fat, and the meat really tastes better cooked on the bone.

I like to do chicken under a brick if I want to speed up cooking, just split the chicken, olive oil and season the skin, heat up the iron skillet in the oven and put the chicken in another big skillet and the hot one on top. Make sure the bottom of it is clean, obviously.

Cooks fast in a fairly hot oven. I did it last night and made another batch of yukon gold mashed potatoes. You don't even have to peel them the skin is so thin and it's good fiber so you fill up before you've eaten them all. They reheat in a microwave very well.

Larger hot meals appeal in the winter when they do no other time, at least to me. I like cold weather, it's great for walking because my sinuses don't bother me. I love winter. My nose is always happier.



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