Another of Kate's Stock Recipe Ideas

Another of Kate's Stock Recipe Ideas

There's no reason you can't use pork bones for stock. Take the bones left from chicken and pork and put them back in the oven for 20 minutes at around 325°F. When you can smell them, take them out.

Paul Prudhomme did that on his show years ago - he collects bones after the guests eat the meat. Baking them kills off any germs and the carmelization adds color to your stock.

Never boil the stock, just barely simmer it or you get that protein all in the stock and it makes a scum and the broth is never clear.

Pork bones in red sauce are great too, they add that gelatinous thickness you can't get from a slow cook. Cook's magazine added actual gelatin to something on tv a week ago and it really kind of turned me off, why not just cook it right to start with? Unless you are really pressed for time, which I generally am not.



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