Alfred's Soda Stream Syrup Recipe

Alfred's Soda Stream Syrup Recipe
The saffron syrup I made:

2 cups sugar
2 cups water

about a teaspoon of saffron threads (some recipes I have seen for saffron syrups use half or a quarter of this, but I find that for a soda flavoring, since the flavor is so diluted by the soda, stronger is better)

Cook at a low boil, on very low flame, until reduced to about two thirds.  Be sure to not let it get to the candying stage.  Watch like a hawk to be sure not to burn it.

Pour into a heat-proof glass container like a Pyrex measuring cup to cool. Don't pour it directly into glass if it's not heat-resistant; the syrup will be very hot.

Some people strain out the saffron threads, but I don't.

For an 8-oz glass of Soda Stream fizzy water, add syrup to taste.  I like about a tablespoon stirred in, but that is very saffrony; a teaspoon of it is also very nice, and lighter in flavor.

Cardamom in almost the same amount works very nice for a cardamom syrup.

I recently heard about a lavender syrup but I've not tried that yet! :-)



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