3-2-1 Cake (Microwave)

3-2-1 Cake (Microwave)

Anyone heard of this? My ex MIL came by for a visit today. We've always been on good terms. She told me about this. I've not tried it. She swears it's fantastic.

Mix 1 pkg of angel food cake mix and 1 pkg of another cake mix of any flavor you want in a big bowl. Store it in, say a big ziplock bag, not in the refrigerator.

When you crave a bit o' cake, mix 3 tbsp of mix and 2 tbsp of water in a small microwavable dish like a custard dish. Microwave for 1 minute (more or less depending on how close your microwave is to 1100 watts.)

She said she's particularly fond of using strawberry cake mix as the 2nd mix, topping with whipped cream and a couple of sliced strawberries. She also says keeping a can of icing in the fridge works well with chocolate.

Jola Gayle


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