George Lang's Potato Bread with Caraway Seeds

George Lang's Potato Bread with Caraway Seeds
from Beard on Bread as modified by me.

1 cup mashed potatoes (I love Yukon Gold's in this bread, but any kind will do)
1 tbsp instant yeast (bread machine yeast)
2-1/2 cups warm water (preferably the water you cooked the potatoes in and/or whey works nicely)
8 cups flour (I use 1 cup whole wheat, 3 cup all purpose and 4 cup bread flour)
2 tbsp salt
1/2 to 1 tbsp caraway seeds (the more the better, I think)

Stir together the water, 1 cup flour, potatoes and yeast in a big bowl. Add the salt and caraway seeds and 2 more cups flour, stir well. Add remainder of flour. Turn out onto floured board and knead well, till firm and elastic (about 12-15 minutes). Shape into a ball, put in oiled bowl, cover and let sit to rise until doubled (1-2 hours).

Punch down and knead again. Shape into large round loaf. Butter a 12" cast iron skillet and sprinkle with cornmeal. Allow to rise again for 30 minutes. Cut a large X in the top and bake in a 400° F oven for 60 minutes.

This recipe can be cut in half well (which makes it fit into a bread machine) but use a 7" skillet instead. I still like the full recipe better.



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