Green Tomato Pickles (from Katherine)

Green Tomato Pickles (from Katherine)

I have a delicious recipe for green tomato pickles. It is actually about half sliced onions and half sliced green tomatoes and involves molasses. It's great with cold meat. It's from my English (NZ actually) grandmother. Don't know where she got it.

Okay, I pulled out my family cookbook and here it is:

Take 2 quarts green tomatoes, slice them and sprinkle with salt, let stand for 24 hours; then strain off liquor.

Mix together:
1 qt malt vinegar
1/2 pint dark molasses
1 tbsp mustard, English
1/2 tbsp curry powder
1/2 tsp mixed spice (pickling spice)

Heat to nearly boiling; then put in tomatoes and 3 large sliced onions; 1 small egg-spoon cayenne pepper (this is smaller than a teaspoon). Cook 5 min. can add flour for thickening.

Then I guess you put them in sterile jars. They have to sit for at least a month so the flavor develops.

I haven't made this, but my mother has and it's wonderful. I also have a good recipe for apple chutney if anyone wants it.

Katherine C.


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