Lamb Shanks with Red Wine and Lentils

Lamb Shanks with Red Wine and Lentils

SO there was this recipe in the NYT about Lamb Shanks with Red Wine and Lentils. So I had a different lamb shank crock-shapped recipe, so I knew it was possible. Here is what I did:

two lamb shanks one large onion, chopped up. If you do dice, it will look less gross than my strips did.
about a cup and a half of mung dal (how could I be out of lentils?
a cup and a half of red wine (Bittman wanted a BOTTLE of red wine, but jeeze, I only had decent stuff)
garlic, rosemary, salt

Brown the lamb with some oil on the stove (Bittman roasted his). Keep turning onto different sides (I used a dutch oven). While it is browning, bring the beans, lentils, whathave you, to a boil and cook for ten minutes or so. Cut up the onion, and put it in the CP with the herbs and some salt. Drain and rinse the legumes, and put them in the CP. Put the lamb and wine in. Look at it critically and add about as much water as wine so you feel secure about the lentils.

Cook the living daylights out of it (high for 8 hours?).

It was very very good. Probably would serve 4.


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