Westwood Cookies

Westwood Cookies

These are really easy and really good cookies. After you mix them up you can keep the dough in the refrigerator for quite a while. They seem to keep in a tin after they are baked pretty good too.

4 cups flour
4 sticks butter
1-1/3 cups sugar
4 tsp vanilla

(only use real butter and real vanilla if at all possible)

Cream the butter sugar and vanilla, then mix in the flour. Bake. You can either roll up and then slice or make little balls and smush down with a fork. Also you can substitute half of the butter with peanut butter.

(There is no oven temp or how long to bake the cookies mentioned in the original post. "Assume" the normal cookie baking temps of 325°F for about 8 minutes or more.)

As a side note, a friend and I made cookies for a trip several people were going on. We had chocolate chip, oatmeal, and these cookies known as Westwood cookies in my family. We made jokes about there being a cookie hierarchy, chocolate chip cookies always get eaten first, then any type of other cookies and last sugar cookies. That was even true on this trip til on last day someone besides me decided to eat a Westwood cookie. That person said 'Oh my god, these are great!) and then tried to take the whole tin for himself. These cookies move up to first place in the cookie hierarchy on my family.

Susan H


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