Curry Powder

Curry Powder
I make my own curry powder. I find I like to vary the spice mixture often. If you find a particularly good curry that you like there is no reason not to continue to use it. Here's a typical recipe:

(all measurements are approximations)

1-3 tbsp ground Cumin
1-2 tbsp ground Coriander
2 tbsp ground Turmeric
1 tsp ground Cayenne Pepper
1 tbsp ground Paprika
1 tsp ground White Pepper
1 tsp whole Anise Seed
1 tsp ground Cinnamon
1 tsp ground Allspice

Mix all the spices and toast in a small dry skillet over a hot fire just until they start to turn brown and toast. Don't burn them so stir often. Store tightly covered and spoon out as needed.

Oogie McGuire


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