Sekanjebum Syrup

Sekanjebum Syrup

2-1/2 cups water

6 cups sugar

1 cup vinegar
     (white works well, add a dash of balsamic if you wish, or use wine vinegar,
     or some mix of wine and white) I had some blackberry balsamic and
     a dash of that was wonderful

2 cups fresh mint leaves - if you've got regular and apple mint it's great, apple alone is also nice

1 med to large fresh ginger root, clean, chopped fine, don't bother to strip the skin off
     (you can use pickled ginger slices if that's all your market has, but fresh is very nice)

Bring the water and sugar to a full boil, thicken a bit, throw in the vinegar, boil a bit.

Turn off the heat, throw in the mint and ginger, cover and let cool - steep overnight is best.

Strain out the vegetable debris - a friend of mine eagerly takes that away as a goodie for either herself or her horses, I'm not sure which, maybe both.

Pour into container(s) It doesn't need to be refrigerated, the sugar lets it keep.

Use in hot or cold water, add syrup to taste. It's very refreshing cold in hot weather but if the weather's cold it's nice hot too. If you have a cold, throw in either powdered, chopped or fresh horehound and let steep. If you add horehound leave the last little bit of fluid in the mug - or you get a mouthful of fuzzy mud. Blarg!


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