Skorthalia (the Greek garlic bread sauce)

...the Greek garlic bread sauce. Used as a dip or to top dishes.

Here is a recipe that I had dug out of the mothballs for a friend, and decided that the Garlic Hound Thrillers might like it too.

Great with fish, or on vegetables. Maybe artichokes, eggplant, or green beans.I can imagine some chicken breasts grilled and topped with this sauce as well.

1 large Head Garlic, peeled and well crushed. (Yes, 1 entire head of garlic!)
10 slices White Bread, crusts removed, torn into large pieces
1 cup Olive oil - I prefer extra virgin, something fruity
1/2 cup White Vinegar
2 tbsp fresh squeezed Lemon Juice
3 tbsp Water
1 pinch Coarse Salt - Optional
1 pinch White Pepper - Optional
1 pinch Cayenne - Optional

Place the garlic, torn up bread, olive oil, and vinegar in a mixing bowl. Allow to sit and soften for about an hour.

Beat the mixture with an electric mixer until smooth. Don't use a food processor, cause you don't want the sauce to be too smooth. Gradually add the lemon juice and water while the mixer is running. You want the sauce to be thick and fluffy.

I like to add a pinch of salt, white pepper, and cayenne at the end, but that is optional. Warning, this stuff packs a punch!

Denise L. aka Spinbear


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