High Calorie Yogurt

High Calorie Yogurt

A member asked:
Yogurt makers, does any one have a recipe for a high calorie yogurt?? I am a PCA for a guy with Muscular dystrophy. He is having difficulty eating. He likes yogurt but most of what you buy is low calorie. If I could find a HIGH calorie yogurt We would be so grateful!

I did this for a friend with AIDS once. You make the yogurt with half and half or add a pint of whipping cream to each quart of *whole* milk.

Makes scrumptious yogurt that I wish I dared to eat more often! Any yogurt recipe will work for this. is best if you use a mellow, not too tart starter yogurt. My friends who live in India say that if you can use water buffalo milk it's even richer and more high-calorie. (grin) I haven't tried this, there's a shortage of water buffalo in my area!



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